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Yet another website about a TV show on the Internet concerning nine semi-sane brothers from Ohio living in New York whose last names are Jasperjohns. And two of them live together.
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Butt Stuff (Brooklyn Stuff)

Once upon a time Vinny was really drunk at a sound post-house and they put him in a VO booth with auto-tune and then months later Eddie Cooper from the beautiful band Tempers put beautiful beats behind the entire tragedy, the end.


Vinny got to play the dream role of a greasy/ugly/slimy curator in the series Grossmalerman. See the episode (and catch up on the great, weird series) at the link. 

We're Number one*!

* of nineteen

"Two Jasperjohns," for being the most daring and incisive art/bear series to ever deconstruct the ideal of personal wealth and achievement, and for musical numbers.

You make us feel so smart, Indiewire. We just like to think of ourselves as a show about hallucinogenics and eating mayonnaise.  

The reason there was such a big gap between seasons two and three of Two Jasperjohns is because creator Vinny Lopez was writing/directing this short, Scholarship. Now it’s finally online, fully watchable, and filled with about 89% less barf-moments than 2J.


Hey everyone – the Kickstopper is coming to a close. We just want to thank you for the incredible amounts of no-effort you gave in giving us nothing. While we have yet to receive a call from Tina Fey or a person impersonating Tina Fey, we have literally endless amounts of foundless hope that success is just lost on the way to our windowless basement apartment in Sheepshead Bay!

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The Two Jasperjohns Kickstopper ( is doing great everyone! Just wanted to announce our first reward for those contributing at the zero dollar level: A Two Jasperjohns embroidered Baby Duffle! Featuring a custom Two Jasperjohns logo, this… we’ll just let the catalog copy speak for itself.

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Thanks so much!

The Kickstopper is off to a great start! Everyone, we just want to thank you so much for your support and likes (just kidding, this plane flies on reblogs, likes are only like getting delicious peanuts during a flight delay). We’ve made nothing and no one has given us a dollar! We’ve got some great incentives coming up so please keep saving your dollars and keeping them in your pocket. More details soon… 

Oh Tumblr, we finally did it. We did a KICKSTOPPER! Please, pass this around, and remember: the less you give, the more you can not-fund Two Jasperjohns.

Submission by Rich C. for our ongoing column “Jasperjohns through the ages.”

Submission by Rich C. for our ongoing column “Jasperjohns through the ages.”